Respects your sensitive skin

Clinically-Proven Protection for you and your sensitive skin

Only Organyc® brand products have been clinically-proven to protect against and resolve irritation caused by the chemicals, dyes, and junk in ordinary feminine care products.

Respects your body

100% Certified Organic Cotton Inside and Out

Organyc® delivers unsurpassed absorbency using only organic cotton, next to you and inside to absorb

Respects your Earth

Repairing the Earth and the oceans

Organyc® products are made using geothermal and natural energy. Feminine care products and packaging are 100% biodegradable. 

Organyc® supports women plastics collectors through a unique partnership with Plastics for Change®


The respect you deserve, throughout your life

The only complete line of Clinically-Proven Feminine Protection

Pads…Liners…Maternity…Light Incontinence….Tampons