Ultra Thin Light Incontinence Liners(2)

Light Incontinence

Panty liners for light incontinence


For light bladder leakage protection when you laugh, cough or sneeze

Discover the characteristics of Organyc® cotton panties for urinary leakage in size Large, the only ones clinically tested. It fits like regular cotton underwear.

  • NO LEAKS – Unsurpassed cotton absorbency
  • NO ODOR – pH activated, organic, odor control system. Eliminates odor doesn’t just cover it up
  • لا تسبب التهابات. – حماية مثبتة سريريًا لكِ ولبشرتكِ الحساسة100% certified organic cotton topsheet
    • تلائم جسدكِ –  على شكل الساعة الرملية لراحتكِ
  • Body-fit – Hourglass shape for comfort
  • A natural addition to your dignified life™


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