Why Organic cotton is different?

It’s a fact that a feminine care product made from regular cotton versus one made with organic cotton will absorb the same. So why is the Organyc® brand made completely from organic cotton, when ordinary cotton would be a cheaper choice?

The reasons are simple. When we promise you that you should Expect Respect® from the Organyc® brand, we want you to be confident we honor that promise by respecting you, respecting your sensitive skin, and respecting the Earth on which we all live. Using organic cotton is one way we deliver on that promise. Here are 10 facts about Organic cotton you might find interesting.

1 Organic cotton comes from seeds that have been part of the earth for hundreds, even thousands of years, and often handed down from one generation of farmer to the next. They are never genetically modified.

2 The soil used to plant organic cotton must go through a 3-year cleansing before it can even be considered for organic cotton seeds. Then it is tested for purity from pesticides and other chemicals.

3 Organic cotton uses just 1/10 the water of ordinary cotton. That means more clean water for all of us.

4 Organic cotton is grown using eco-fertilizers that naturally occur, just like Organyc® pads it is free of chemicals and other junk.

5 To keep pests away from Organic cotton crops, the pests are often trapped, not killed, by chemicals and other toxic elements.

6 Organic cotton matures at the speed of nature and is harvested when it is ready. It is never hyper-matured using ripening agents.

7 Organic cotton likes a lot of attention. To be certified as organic there are several global agencies that must give it the thumbs up. Organyc® pads only use cotton that has risen to the top of its class.

8 Organic cotton is so special it represents less than 1% of all the cotton grown in the world.

9 Yes, organic cotton costs more, but that means farmers throughout the world make a bit more. That means they’re happier and their families are happier too.

10 Organic cotton can mean a healthier, happier you. What you put in or near your body can make a difference in the long run. You can rest easy with organic cotton and when you use Organyc® pads. ®Organyc.